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Heat Exchanger

  Heat Recovery
System Koenig heat exchangers are far less susceptible to effluent pollution than plate heat exchangers. Made of specially selected quality steels, according to the waste water composition, the heat exchangers achieve high efficiency and lifetimes.

Our engineers issue a carbon reduction certification on completion of our installations.

Water Heat Recovery

Exhaust Air Heat Recovery

Flue Gas Heat Recovery

Carbon Trust 0% Loans
Image inside a heat exchanger

The control systems achieve optimal conditions for both continuous use and batch machinery, taking into account water flow rates, target temperatures and process specific parameters. The controls also measure and calculate energy savings.

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Heat exchanger and cleaner

  Industrial Air Cleaning
Exhaust air cleaning systems can be incorporated to eliminate problem contaminants from exhaust air systems. Optimal economic and ecological efficiency is achieved when air cleaning systems are combined with an energy recovery system.

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