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  Air distribution & treatment
Luwa has extensive experience in air conditioning, ventilation & filtration systems for industrial manufacturing processes including:

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Paper Products
Commercial Laundries


Texfog® - High pressure humidificaton

Air Washer

APF Automatic Panel Filter

RPF Rotary Pre Filter

Texmist - High pressure direct humidification

Silvermist - Direct humidification
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 Cleaning & waste handling
Luwa offers a wide range of waste handling and recycling products, automatic cleaning systems and a highly reliable travelling cleaners .

Circulaire® - Overhead Cleaning

Central Vacuum Systems

Dust Separator & Screw Compactor

Waste Separator

MDC - Multi Dust Collector

Fibre Separator

Bale Press
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  Regulating and Service
DigiControl is the automatic system for regulating and controlling, monitoring and optimizing all air engineering processes. Our TAC® service contract includes regular checks of the plants regarding condition, function, operating costs and safety.

Digi Control - Systems & Sensors

Pneumatic Control

Service à la carte

LEV Testing

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