Waste Separator


Universal Waste Separator

The Luwa universal waste/air separator for feeding presses and recycling machines.

Waste can be discharged in a compressed form, by means of a downstream screw compactor. For feeding recycling machines, the waste is continuously sucked off.
For feeding processes or silos, the waste separator is installed directly above the filling hopper.

The separation of the waste is achieved by rotating screen drum. The waste is deposited on the screen drum, and a counter rotating bucket wheel strips the accumulated waste off from the screen, conveying it downwards at the same time.
The differential pressure control allows constant operational pressure and deposit thickness on the screen, thus ensuring also the separation of dust.

Image of the Waste Separator connected to a Screw Compactor

  • Reliable cleaning of the screen drum by the driven bucket wheel.
  • Dust separation through the fibrous deposit.
  • Optimally harmonized with other Luwa components for disposal of waste
Image of the Waste Separator connected to a Bale Press
Technical Data

Air flow rate (M3/Hr)3000-80007000-16,000
Negative Pressure (Pa)40004000
Waste throughput (Kg/Hr)450900
Rated output of motor (kW)0.250.37
Operational Differential Pressure* (Pa)500-1400500-1800
*according to type of waste

Image of the Waste Separator as part of a continuous suction system

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