Central Vacuum Systems


Central Vacuum Systems

The Steinemann Vacuum System makes for an efficient work place, thorough cleaning and waste disposal possible either manually or automatically. It improves air management in machines and peripheral installations, eliminates or shortens down times, and reduces component wear.

Longer operating times, improved quality and lower costs for spares increase profitability.

The effective capture of dust at source means the dust concentration within production areas can be visibly reduced. A clean work place can only benefit your company image.

Image of the vacuum system in use

A central vacuum system reduces pick-up, collection, transport, disposal and compaction to a single job: pick-up.

Once the waste is picked up air moving at an optimal velocity transports it to the central filter either manually or automatically, thus saving personnel costs and increasing profitability.
The filtered exhaust air from the central vacuum system can be transferred to the return air side of an existing air conditioning installation or blown to outside.

Healthy employees and satisfied legislators will appreciate your efforts to improve health at the work place.

Image of the various fittings
Technical Data

The vacuum units are available ready for connection, sound insulated with negative pressures of up to -500 mbar and performances from 650m/hr to 4000m/hr.
Air-cooled, oil free roots blowers; integrated start-up, metering and switch off slide-valves as well as safety valves; negative pressure controlled energy saving systems; overheating protection for the blower and motor.

Filters can be installed on the vacuum unit or separately at a suitable location, enable continuous transfer of waste to:

Containers, Compactor containers, Conveyor belts, Bailing presses, Recycling plants

Systematically designed aluminium pipe network with practical connections and fastenings. Aerodynamically shaped bends, branches, tees and forks. Three different diameters for optimal flow conditions

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