A High Pressure Cold Water Humidification System developed for installation within air conditioning plants.
A compact pumping station pumps water via a two stage filter to special nozzles where it nebulizes under high pressure in aerosol mist and is mixed with air by means of turbulence elements.
Due to this nebulization and intensive air mixing, the greater part of the water evaporates.
A droplet eliminator at the humidifier outlet ensures that no water is carried over and subsequent ductwork remains dry.

Image of the Turbulator section

Texfog is a single pass system and spays cold water at high pressure directly from the incoming mains supply. The system has integrated filters and UV disinfection can be added upon request.

The system does not store water and incorporates a control function which purges the system to prevent stagnation

Image of the high pressure pump station

  • High degree of humidification & evaporation
  • Hygenically Safe (VDI 6022)
  • No water tank or storage
  • Small amounts of spray water used
  • Minimum pump power requirement
  • Maintenance & service friendly

Image inside and operational Texfog

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