Humidification - New for 2009


2nd Generation Texfog Developed for Food Process Conditioning

In 2007 & 2008 1st generation Texfogs where successfully installed to condition food manufacturing proccesses. The installations resulted in reduction of weight loss from products and an increase in freshness cycles.

For 2009 the Texfog High Pressure Cold Water Humidification System has been redesigned specifical for food process conditioning.
Careful attention has been made to materials, construction, surface finishes ensure our system is easy to clean and as userfiendly as possible whilst maintaining optimum performance levels.

The compact pumping station pumps water via a two stage filter to special nozzles where it nebulizes under high pressure into aerosol mist which is mixed with air.
Due to this nebulization and intensive air mixing, the greater part of the water evaporates.
A droplet eliminator at the humidifier outlet ensures that no water is carried over and subsequent ductwork remains dry.

Available as part of a new process conditioning system or as an upgrade to existing plants

Trade show image

Texfog is a single pass system and spays cold water at high pressure directly from the incoming mains supply. The system has integrated filters.

The system does not store water and does not use the large quantities of chemicals that recirculating washers consume. The controls incorporate a function which purges the system to prevent stagnation

Image of the high pressure pump station

  • High degree of humidification & evaporation
  • Reduced product weight loss
  • Increased freshness cycle
  • Close tolerance control
  • Hygenically Safe (VDI 6022)
  • Reduced chemical usage
  • No water tank or storage
  • Small amounts of spray water used
  • Minimum pump power requirement
  • Maintenance & service friendly

Image inside and operational Texfog

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