RPF Rotary Pre Filter


RPF - Automatic Pre Filtration

The Luwa rotary pre-filter unit is used as a part of air engineering plants to provide preliminary filtration of air steams heavily charged with waste, especially in automatic waste disposal systems.

The air stream is conducted axially to the slowly rotating pre-filtration disc via feed pipes through the back panel or via a connecting box. The rotational rate, mesh size and flow velocity, which are selected in accordance with the type of application, cause a build-up of a layer of waste which has an additional effect of retaining fine dust.

The waste deposited on the filter screen is removed by means of a fixed, radially mounted suction nozzle which feeds a disposal station.

Image of the RPF

  • Low Cost
  • Individual adaptation to extremely varying operational conditions
  • Small space requirement and easy integration
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Multiple filter clasifications available
  • Increasing separation efficiency with simultaneous reduction of the load of the final filtration stage
  • Simple to maintain and operate
  • Semi or fully automated waste disposal
Image inside the filter
Technical Data

Dimensions and Installation
Width1520 / 2128mm
Height1520 / 2128mm
Rated Air Flow12,000 - 75,000M³/Hr
Nominal Pressure Loss200 - 400Pa
Drive Power Consumption0.17kW
Stripper Fan Power Consumption4 - 6kW

Image of the Multi Dust Collector

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