Multi-Dust Collector


MDC- Multi Dust Collector

The Luwa dust collector has a modular design and therefore finds multiple applications for the disposal of waste coming from automatic filters


The dust and fibre-charged air is blown by a fan into the distribution duct and is filtered within the vertically arranged filtering hoses. The filter hoses automatically regenerate according to the dictates of the control system.

Accumulated dust is collected in the waste bags or into a collection duct.

Image of Dust Collector linked to Central Vacuum System

  • No Filter chambers are required
  • Selectable collection of waste, either bags or connection to a centralised vacuum system.
  • Adaptation to varying flow rates and waste throughputs by modular extension
  • Simple to monitor and easy maintenance

Image of Dust Collector with waste bags

  • Extendable from 1 up to 6 filtering units
  • Interconnection with a centralised suction system or to a vacuum system.
  • Compressed air jet cleaning

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