Fibre Separator



The Luwa Fibre Separators FSB and FSC are designed for filtering the waste out of conveying air flow and to discharge it in the room, in a compact form and without dust emission.

The waste material collected is accumulated at the perforated metal conus, from where it is conveyed downwards by a worm shaft. Thanks to the conical form of perforated metal conus and to the resistance of the spring plate diaphragm, the material gets condensed.

  • Smaller waste quantities can be pressed directly into a waste bag / bin, for disposal.
  • Larger quantities can be discharged into a silo or into the filling hopper of a baling press.

Image of the Fibre Separator discharging semi compacted waste

  • Disposal without dust emmission.
  • Integrated control permits autonomous operation
  • The reduced construction height allows installation in rooms with low head room
  • Continuous or pressure-controlled operation
  • Intermittent feed is possible
Technical Data

Air flow rate (M3/Hr)1200-40004000-8000
Waste throughput (kg/Hr)max.150max.250
Rated output of motor (kW)0.30.37
Compacting Factorapprox. 2:1, depending on type of material

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