Dust Separator & Screw Compactor


Dust Separator

Space-saving central final filtering for all types of waste coming from air filtering plants.

The separating of the dust is made according to the cyclone principle with downstream fine filtration of the conveying air.
The thoroughly filtered air can be blown into the room or led back into a pre-filter.

The filter cartridges charged with dust are automatically blow off by the impact of the compressed air blast at timed intervals.

Image of Dust Separator and Screw
Screw Compactor

The Screw Compactor can be applied downstream of any dust-and fibre-separating group, thus conveying the waste automatically to a disposal station, in a continuous and space-saving way.

Arriving waste is seized by the warm shaft of the Screw Compactor and pushed through a tube. The compacting is controlled by a pneumatic cylinder which restricts the tube exit by clamping jaws.

Image of Screw Compactor

Dust Separator
  • Automatic filter cleaning.
  • High filtering efficiency
  • Low space requirement, room height <3 m.
  • Free standing
  • Low consumption of compressed air, since duration and intervals of the air blasts are adjustable
Screw Compactor
  • Automatic discharge of waste
  • Smaller waste volume
  • No dust emission, because the dust is contained in the waste
  • No necessity to replace bags
  • Conveyance in ascending slope up to 30 is possible
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