Control & Monitoring


Digital Control Systems

For our customers' production processes, it is of essential importance that specified air conditions are maintained. As the leading air engineering company, Luwa developed the programmable digital control system DigiControl5 for regulating, controlling and monitoring of all air handling processes. DigiControl5 ensures that the air is always ideally conditioned, and also allows permanent operation with optimized operating costs.

Our engineers are also able to utilise controls systems including:


Image of Digi Control Screen
Advantages and Characteristics

  • Easy navigation with large touch screen displays
  • On-line selection of language
  • On-line help functions
  • Alarm messaging with SMS and email alerts
  • TeleService support with optimized data transfer
  • Maintenance information available on screen
  • Report generators included.
  • Data exchange to BMS systems
  • Energy saving functions
  • Can be Retrofitted to existing systems

Image of AC sensors
Pneumatic Control

Pneumatic control provides a cost effective alternative to digital control for applications which do not require extensive data logging capabilities.

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