Overhead Cleaning



The Luwa Circulaire is an inovative solution to reducing fire risk within high level ceiling structures. The system prevents accumulation of dust, lint, and fly on ceiling, overhead beams, lights and pipes.

With up to a fifteen metre cleaning diameter, the Circulaire is designed for lower maintenance and longer life.

The NEW Circulaire is a result of nearly 40 years of operation experience and is a product of continuing commitment to commercial / industrial / institutional cleaning needs, providing state-of-the-art air engineering.

Image of Circulaire overhead cleaner

  • Reduction fire hazard due to lint build-up
  • Eliminate dangerous task of manual overhead cleaning
  • Prevent contamination of hygienic linen due to lint fall out from overhead
  • Reduce downtime due to overhead cleaning
  • Reduce labour cost required for overhead cleaning
  • Inexpensive to Install and Run

Image of burning factory

Technical Data

ModelElectrical SupplyRated PowerPart Number
Weight 45Kg

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