Hydraulic Bale Press


Bale Press

Proven in numerous applications, the hydraulic Bale Press compacts textile waste of different quantities to bales of standard size. Thus, a considerable reduction of disposal waste is achieved.
The press convinces with its reliability as well as its simple operation. The compact design ensures a minimal space requirement.

The Bale Press is made of a grid steel construction, which houses the bale chamber and the cylinder chamber. Both press piston and ejection cylinder are contained in the cylinder chamber. The hydraulic unit and the electrical switchboard with integrated control are positioned on top of the cylinder chamber and connected to it. The press is fed by means of a Luwa Waste Separator through a vertical filling duct with integrated feeding roller drums. The semi-automatic binding device binds the bales with 4 steel binds lengthwise maintaining a constant bale size. The bale is ejected in front of the press through a solid swing door which opens either to the left or to the right side, according to requirement.
Depending on the waste material amount fed into the press, it switches on and off automatically.

Image of the Bale Press

  • Compact construction, therefore reduced space requirement.
  • Fast installation due to pre-testing, units ready for connection.
  • No foundation or pit required.
  • Adjustable bale weight.
  • Closed construction, avoiding dust emmission
  • Reduced operating costs due to controlled press activation only at sufficient waste accumulation
Technical Data

Width (mm)approx. 1300
Length (mm)3000 (3250)
Height of press (mm)approx. 1800
Height of press including feed dust & waste separator (mm) 2 approx. 5600
Swing door radius (mm)900
Total empty weight (kg)approx. 2100
Hydraulic Unit
Press force (t/kN)20/200
Motor (kW)7.5
Oil tank volume (l)250
Press capacity (kg/h) 1 200-300
Bale weight (kg) 1 120-200
Bale density (kg/m3) 1 250-400
Bale dimensions (mm)800x550x1000
1 Depending on material density
2 Depending on waste amount

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