Membrane Diffusion®


Membrane Diffusion®

The secondary grid ceiling system creates a slight positive pressure which re-diffuses the air uniformly across the entire ceiling entrance plane. Virtually true laminar flow is delivered to the room regardless of filter variations or filter coverage, eliminating turbulant flow as air travels from the entire ceiling plane.
Image of an Membrane Diffusion® System
Image of an Membrane Diffusion® System

  • Provides 100% unidirectional airflow regardless of number of filters!
  • For use in all cleanroom applications (900+ successful installations).
  • Pharmaceutical Compatible ~ Can be aeseptically cleaned.
  • Provides a virtually flush apperance.
  • Simple removal/installation for accessibility.
  • Enhanced Laminarity provides improved Cleanliness Class!

Typical Plant room
Frequently Asked Questions

What is the membrane materialWoven polypropylene Monofilament
What is the panel support systemMD Series - acrylic eggcrate.
MLW Series - anodised aluminium frame.
MLP Series - (Biotech/Pharmaceutical Apps) aluminium frame with epoxy sealed edges.
What size panels are availableStandard panels are designed to lay in a standard 0.6 x 1.2M ceiling grid system. Special sizes are available for odd openings.
How are panels manufactured & shippedPanels are manufactured by Luwa in a class 100 cleanroom. Panels are bagged, crated, and shipped to our clients for installation into the ceiling grid.
What is the pressure dropFor uniform airflow, approximately 2.5 to 25Pa, can be user specified; and can be used to create zones of higher airflow.
What are the fire characteristicsThe membrane fabric is classified as a Class "A" product as defined by the ASTM E-84 fire test.
How are upper ceiling components accessedMembrane panels lift out for access to HEPA/ULPA filters and lights.
How are openings and penetrations madePenetrations for sprinkler heads or conduits can be made almost anywhere in the panel and finished with standard escutcheons.
What is the weight of the standard panelMD Series - 1.6Kg / panel
MLW Series - 1.4Kg / panel
MLP Series - 1.8Kg / panel
Can this system be used in pharmaceutical applicationsYes. This system is in use in many different pharmaceutical & medical device applications, and may be cleaned using various products.
What is the difference between these Membrane Diffusion® Panels and the Luwa CG® series systemThe Luwa CG® panels are similar to the MLP series but use a welded anodised frame with fabric adhered to the frame.

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